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    Arvostelija M. B. Päivämäärä 10/Nov/2022 :

    Titteli : Fighissimo
    Kommentti : Non avevo mai visto un accendino al plasma. Ven fatto, va massicio. Solo il suono all accensione mi dà i brividi, fighissimo

    Arvostelija J. Š. Päivämäärä 06/Jan/2022 :

    Titteli : Jindřich
    Kommentti : 👍

    Arvostelija A. R. Päivämäärä 04/Jun/2021 :

    Titteli : Rico
    Kommentti : Echt geiles Feuerzeug mit dem Logo RQS für Grower ein Muss ✌️✌️✌️

    Arvostelija S. L. Päivämäärä 31/Dec/2020 :

    Titteli : briquet de qualité
    Kommentti : je le recommande si vous ne voulez ce briquet que pour allumer vos cigarettes pour le reste c'est mort

    Arvostelija M. W. Päivämäärä 25/Nov/2019 :

    Titteli : Good looking lighter
    Kommentti : Very nice lighter good for all occasions

    Arvostelija B. O. Päivämäärä 24/Oct/2019 :

    Titteli : Great quality
    Kommentti : Very cool lighter!

    Arvostelija A. N. Päivämäärä 13/Mar/2019 :

    Titteli : Lighter!
    Kommentti : Very nice product!

    Arvostelija R. B. Päivämäärä 25/Feb/2019 :

    Titteli : Plasma Lighter RQS Novi Review
    Kommentti : This lighter is so high quality, I can't believe it. It is, one word, AWESOME!You guys need to have this. You know the times when you have a lot of herb and papers but your lighter is out. Well, with this one, VERY HIGH QUALITY BADASS PLASMA LIGHTER you will never again have to buy another lighter, going out and spending money on cheap lighter that will run out.With this one, you don't have to worry, you charge it with USB and it's on again. It is absolutely a MUST HAVE on your TO BUY LIST. I'm very satisfied with it. Thanks RQS, you always surprise me and I think that you are the best seed selling company in the world. And I'm sure that is the case.I am promoting you guys everywhere I go. Royal Queen Seeds RULEZ!!

    Arvostelija P. M. Päivämäärä 17/Sep/2018 :

    Titteli : Un trés beau briquet
    Kommentti : Non seulement ce briquet est esthétique mais en plus il est très fonctionnel.C'est bien simple maintenant il m'accompagne partout. Je le recommande vivement.

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