Arvostelija T. B. Päivämäärä 26/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : The best vape out there
    Kommentti : This is the only cape I'll be buying from now on. I replaced my first one recently. this is the best convection vape out there. The herb port is huge, the battery lasts a long time, and it's easy to use and clean with replaceable mouthpieces and filter screens. Excellent product.

    Arvostelija E. K. Päivämäärä 11/Apr/2023 :

    Titteli : Vaporisator
    Kommentti : Airflow could be little bit better, coming from the bottom. Its good for people who smoke slowly

    Arvostelija K. H. Päivämäärä 08/Feb/2023 :

    Titteli : Pochvala
    Kommentti : Rychlé doručení, mašinka funguje tak jak má, spokojenost.☺️

    Arvostelija M. M. Päivämäärä 16/Jan/2023 :

    Titteli : Good balance between Price and Quality
    Kommentti : I’ve acquired this item a couple months back. Previously I’d a chinese cheaper one one and the quality of the materials it’s completely different! It works really well and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. I would say the only negative point it’s related to the battery - duration and charging time! Currently with a full battery charge I’m capable to use it 4 to 5 times! However, this product, in opposite to other ones, allow us to use it while charging, this mean that if you have a power bank you can easily use it while charging! It would be nice also if you were able to define the cycle times to establish for how long it should be kept on (I wasn’t able to define that); after a couple of minutes not sure but somewhere around 3 minutes it turn off and you’ll only notice because the smoke start to decrease! However, comparing with what I was used to, it’s a very good quality product that I recommend!

    Arvostelija R. S. Päivämäärä 13/Jan/2023 :

    Titteli : a brave new world
    Kommentti : It took me years to quit tobacco smoking and allow my self some nice herbs. I realized it was nicotne and not herbs that made me want to smoke more. So far thanks to this nice little object I began to appreciate all the properties of the herb; a natural remedy for body pains after very long runs, a good help for nice sleeps, a general feeling of relaxation without craving for more and more. The main side effect so far is a very mild irritation of area around the bronch. It may be due to the Gpen itslef and it mainly happens when I vapor CBD at higher temperatures (220°). It doesn't happen with lower temperatures (between 170° till 185°). Battery is not very long and recharge is not quick. Still worth the money

    Arvostelija T. E. Päivämäärä 19/Aug/2022 :

    Titteli : sometimes
    Kommentti : ein Elektrogerät das richtig Spass macht

    Arvostelija M. V. Päivämäärä 14/Jan/2022 :

    Titteli : Nice vaporizer
    Kommentti : This is a really nice vape for on the road. Battery is pretty good as well.

    Arvostelija V. S. Päivämäärä 13/Jan/2022 :

    Titteli : Tutto un altro mondo
    Kommentti : Ottimo prodotto per chi vuole provare un nuovo modo di gustarla....

    Arvostelija S. A. Päivämäärä 09/Jan/2022 :

    Titteli : Vapokings
    Kommentti : Excelente produto!

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