Arvostelija M. R. Päivämäärä 20/May/2024 :

    Titteli : Fast growing and potent buds
    Kommentti : Easy and fast to grow. Decent yield and potent. Will buy again.

    Arvostelija S. M. Päivämäärä 17/May/2024 :

    Titteli : Float on
    Kommentti :

    Arvostelija F. B. Päivämäärä 16/May/2024 :

    Titteli : El fabion
    Kommentti : Sehr intensive Gerüche, ein unglaubliches Profil mit hohem Ertrag.

    Arvostelija M. S. Päivämäärä 16/May/2024 :

    Titteli : Top seeds
    Kommentti : MW F1 befindet sich in der letzten Blüh Woche… sehr guter Hybrid, sehr stressresistent, gleichmäßiger wuchs, keine Probleme gehabt. Der Geruch ist sehr süß und leicht fruchtig, tolles Duft Aroma. (Zyklus 18/6) Safe eine Kaufempfehlung!auch sehr gut für Anfänger geeignet.

    Arvostelija M. W. Päivämäärä 09/May/2024 :

    Titteli : Mr Nice
    Kommentti : Milkyway was a free seed and it‘s my first time ever growing Auzomatics at all. I have to say I love it… Germinated easily abd fast and is evolving rapidly on my balcony! Plant looks super solid in week 4 but I don‘t do any topping. Looks promising and I am sure it will do great!

    Arvostelija J. V. Päivämäärä 29/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Tb grower
    Kommentti : Heerlijk plantje Weinig aan hoeven doen Beetje low stress Plagron terra voeding 8 liter grow zak 84 gram droog ;)

    Arvostelija M. Q. Päivämäärä 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Mauro
    Kommentti : Alles gut

    Arvostelija K. V. Päivämäärä 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Milky Way. Όπως το περιγράφει.
    Kommentti : Αξίζουν, ξαναγυρνάω στα auto

    Arvostelija R. E. Päivämäärä 25/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Galactic Greatness
    Kommentti : First time doing auto flowers and I am thoroughly impressed. The fast growth, smell, and potency meets the specification data sheet and more. Everyone I share with and trade with love it and request it now. Big plants with uniform structure. 1 plant yielded 8oz dry. I will definitely be getting this one again very soon. Wish I could put a picture in here.

    Arvostelija T. H. Päivämäärä 09/May/2024 :

    Titteli : Milkyway F1 Cannabis Plant Review
    Kommentti : The Milkyway F1 cannabis strain is a celestial delight from start to finish. Its dense, frosty buds emit a fragrant blend of sweet, earthy aromas with citrus and pine undertones. The flavor profile is a harmonious mix of sweet berries, herbs, and subtle spices, leaving a cosmic bliss on the palate. Its effects are a balanced blend of euphoria and relaxation, perfect for creative exploration and stress relief. Overall, Milkyway F1 offers a stellar experience that transcends the ordinary, earning it a perfect 5-star rating.

    Arvostelija N. H. Päivämäärä 09/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Newbie
    Kommentti : Schneller Versand, super Kundenservice. Nun geht’s ans growen

    Arvostelija R. K. Päivämäärä 11/Apr/2024 :

    Titteli : Richi
    Kommentti : I'm not so sure about it. I had a poor harvest. Weaker than parallel conventional ones.

    Arvostelija E. P. Päivämäärä 27/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : manutupac83
    Kommentti : de la bombe a souhait

    Arvostelija D. G. Päivämäärä 27/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : Wow
    Kommentti : Même en faisant des erreurs de débutant plusieurs fois et en pensant l'avoir presque tuée, elle a réussi à me rendre un 30g sec. Très bonne variété. Je recommande.

    Arvostelija D. L. Päivämäärä 27/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : Very good
    Kommentti : Very good

    Arvostelija M. S. Päivämäärä 18/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : What went wrong
    Kommentti : Hey, so I've been growing for over ten years now, and this was my first time trying an autoflower. I only got a 40g crop from one plant, and it wasn't even that great.

    Arvostelija M. S. Päivämäärä 18/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : Where'd that come from??
    Kommentti : Like Medusa....I've never seen a Plant grow so quick. It literally crapped a bunch of Buds out of nowhere on me. That's was a pleasant surprise. Easy grow. If you are a experienced grower . could surely reap a nice little yield of some Lorene potent smoke

    Arvostelija D. C. Päivämäärä 12/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : Faster
    Kommentti : It's a fast plant with high THC

    Arvostelija M. C. Päivämäärä 12/Mar/2024 :

    Titteli : Outdoor
    Kommentti : Fanatico della coltivazione naturale (e non per tutti). Per adesso promettono bene... Vi aggiornerò sui risultati finali.

    Arvostelija E. M. Päivämäärä 29/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : 3 weeks in and so far wow
    Kommentti : First time try autoflowers in coco coir. Topped at end of 2 weeks, LST at end of week 3, just exploding huge leafs bigger than my hand and taking aggressive newt feeds very well. 24 hour lighting so far General Hydrophonics CocoTek.

    Arvostelija C. T. Päivämäärä 28/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Banging!
    Kommentti : Easy to grow, lovely smell, dense buds, sticky asf! The smoke is sweet and tasty, the buzz is more sativa leaning, would defo do again

    Arvostelija B. P. Päivämäärä 26/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Ben
    Kommentti : Bien reçu bonne graines

    Arvostelija C. F. Päivämäärä 22/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Milky way
    Kommentti : Top gusto dolce sballo unico bilanciata ottima per il pomeriggio

    Arvostelija A. U. Päivämäärä 19/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Fat Colas
    Kommentti : This strain took nutes with no problem, no burn, fast growing and fat colas for a smaller plant, just do some low stress training. The effects for me were a happy energetic feeling a good strain to get stuff done. Great from start to finish, enjoy.

    Arvostelija D. M. Päivämäärä 19/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Tÿp
    Kommentti : Ich Der Knaller, 1,5 Tage nach dem ich den Samen in den Steinwolle Block gesteckt habe guckte schon der Keim raus. Mal gucken wie die sich noch machen. Das gilt für alle F1 Sorten die ich habe sowie jeder seed!!!

    Arvostelija J. M. Päivämäärä 19/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Fácil, Rápido e Eficaz
    Kommentti : Optimo para cultivo simples, sem grandes aventuras e com bom rendimento.

    Arvostelija K. S. Päivämäärä 12/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Hybrid fan
    Kommentti : My first time trying F1 hybrid. Totally worth it! I was surprised just over 10 weeks I have fat big nugs and beautiful looking awesome smelling great results. I can fit more in my tent next time. I’m definitely growing these again. For sure 👍

    Arvostelija I. R. Päivämäärä 12/Feb/2024 :

    Titteli : Amazing
    Kommentti : My buds look so beautiful just using fox farms nutes they look amazing and smoke even better!!

    Arvostelija R. M. Päivämäärä 29/Jan/2024 :

    Titteli : Nice
    Kommentti : Fast resilient and soo good

    Arvostelija M. K. Päivämäärä 26/Jan/2024 :

    Titteli : Well worth the extra
    Kommentti : Money is well spent on these beans as they are uniform, sturdy, and reliable.

    Arvostelija C. M. Päivämäärä 23/Jan/2024 :

    Titteli : McStretchy
    Kommentti : I can't believe how this strain stretched going into flower. It shot up overnight and towered over Northern Lights and Purple Lemonade. Milky Way yielded very well and quickly. Ten weeks from seed is great considering the quality and yield. I have two Titan and two Medusa in the dirt right now as far as F1 hybrid. Highly recommend!!!

    Arvostelija D. K. Päivämäärä 18/Jan/2024 :

    Titteli : They are who we thought they were
    Kommentti : Easy quick delicious fat nugs. All three were like synchronized swimming just exactly what the other was height yield growing like mirror's of each other total happiness unbelievable. Thank you your description was spot on. Dank from Troy

    Arvostelija J. B. Päivämäärä 09/Jan/2024 :

    Titteli : Milky Way
    Kommentti : Gives off great smell it is perspireingsweating more then the northern lights. I'm worried about mildew got them away from the wall the smell of these plants is strong skunky my fan just burnt out I'm on day 70 holding out great looking autoflower

    Arvostelija N. V. Päivämäärä 27/Dec/2023 :

    Titteli : Nicos
    Kommentti : Heerlijke plant on the groeien, snelle ontkieming, sterke vegatieve plant(kan wel wat stress handelen), en heerlijk geurende toppen die vol trichomen zitten, ik moet nog een week of 2 en ben echt reuze benieuwd haar geur laat me watertanden

    Arvostelija G. G. Päivämäärä 22/Dec/2023 :

    Titteli : Amazing
    Kommentti : Grows super fast I topped two of them and they handled it fine

    Arvostelija R. D. Päivämäärä 15/Dec/2023 :

    Titteli : Amazing taste and effects
    Kommentti : The buds were huge and I enjoyed every little bit of them.

    Arvostelija N. G. Päivämäärä 15/Dec/2023 :

    Titteli : Pleasantly Surprised
    Kommentti : I did not expect to have this plant ready in less than 3 months, and the yield was better than expected :)

    Arvostelija A. P. Päivämäärä 12/Dec/2023 :

    Titteli : Hi
    Kommentti : Very potent and easy to grow, I recommend!

    Arvostelija F. S. Päivämäärä 24/Nov/2023 :

    Titteli : Fab
    Kommentti : Satisfait de ma commande

    Arvostelija B. M. Päivämäärä 23/Nov/2023 :

    Titteli : Dry fast and tasty
    Kommentti : Super fast from seed to harvest. Amazing uniformity. Would be good for sog

    Arvostelija S. B. Päivämäärä 23/Nov/2023 :

    Titteli : Sir Smokealot
    Kommentti : Arrived super fast, anonymous with some free goodies. Seeds looked fresh and healthy. quick germination, strong off the line and waiting to see how they finish.

    Arvostelija K. B. Päivämäärä 20/Nov/2023 :

    Titteli : Milky
    Kommentti : Grows fast and nugs are fat.

    Arvostelija X. W. Päivämäärä 13/Nov/2023 :

    Titteli : Chris Mayr
    Kommentti : Top Gene, sehr empfehlenswert

    Arvostelija L. H. Päivämäärä 23/Oct/2023 :

    Titteli : Herr Lukas
    Kommentti : Ich baue nie wieder anders, als mit F1 Samen an!

    Arvostelija S. M. Päivämäärä 05/Oct/2023 :

    Titteli : Herr Morran
    Kommentti : Good flowering

    Arvostelija G. P. Päivämäärä 02/Oct/2023 :

    Titteli : Champion
    Kommentti : This baby was the pride of the garden. My first attempt at growing was very satisfying. RQS seeds 14/14 success. 6 varieties . Lots of nice plants but Milky Way grew best of all. Wish I grew more than 1! Cure nearly complete. I rarely leave reviews for anything because I am rarely impressed but this product kicks ass. And so do the freebies. I’m already thinking about next year 🤔

    Arvostelija J. K. Päivämäärä 29/Sep/2023 :

    Titteli : Excellent- fatty buds
    Kommentti : Tested F1 for the first time: 60*120*180 box, 300 w led light, biobizz nutrients, 20l pots 3 seeds Mars hydro 4 in I had a very hot summer, so the young plants had a really hard start, struggling with heat stress. As they went bloom I pruned the lowest branches, but didn't use much lst or other teq. They developed the most beautyful buds I ever seen, very compact heavy and fully packed, seas of trichomes and yummy aromas, like chocolate. The tops were like 5-6 cm thicc (diameter). Yield pro plant: average 55 dry Ordered again, ty rqs

    Arvostelija M. E. Päivämäärä 14/Sep/2023 :

    Titteli : Mr
    Kommentti : Good stuff! Every Single one was a real beauty!

    Arvostelija L. H. Päivämäärä 13/Sep/2023 :

    Titteli : super schnell
    Kommentti : Ich baue die MilkyWay zum ersten mal an. Da kannst zuschauen wie die wachsen - hatte noch nie so tolle pflanzen. werde weiter berichten...

    Arvostelija P. K. Päivämäärä 16/Aug/2023 :

    Titteli : Pitupitu
    Kommentti : Ładne i dorodne okazy się ukazały po nieco ponad 2miesiacach :)

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