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MIGHTY Vaporisaattori

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3 Ilmaisia kannabiksen siemeniä
RQS Metal Engraved Grinder
MIGHTY on kannettava vaporisaattori, joka on rekisteröity terveydenhoitotuotteeksi Israelissa, Euroopassa ja Kanadassa. Kyseessä on korkean suorituskyvyn kannettava, patterikäyttöinen vaporisaattori. Kuuma ilma tarjoaa pehmeän höyryyntymisen ja säteilylämpö takaa nopean toiminnan. Helpot ulkoiset toiminnot toimivat kuin ajatus.
 4.5/5 (20) Kirjoita arvostelu
€ 299.00
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Our Mighty Vaporizer Value Pack includes for free

1x RQS Metal Engraved Grinder
3x RQS Bonus Seeds (Randomly Selected)

MIGHTY: Storz & Bickelin Kannettava Lääkevaporisaattori

Royal Queen Seeds on äärimmäisen ylpeä voidessaan tuoda tarjolla MIGHTYn. Tämä vaporisaattori on ensimmäisiä kannettavia malleja aina luotettavalta Storz ja Bickelilta. Jos nimi ei soita kelloja, käännä ajatuksesi Volcanoon. Tämä laite on S&B:n lääkekäyttöön ajateltu tuotos yrityksen jatkuvasta tuotekehitystyöstä vaporisaattorien saralla.

Tämän vaporisaattorin paketti sisältää oman adapterin, kolme ritilää, harjan ylläpitoon, täyttötyökalun ja ylimääräisen setin tiivisterenkaita. Laitteen ytimen muodostaa kahden suuritehoisen ladattavan litiumpariston kombo. Paristojen ollessa tyhjä voi MIGHTYa operoida adapterin avulla johdon kanssa.

Vapoa käyttääksesi sinun tulee vain kytkeä virta päälle ja valita lämpötila. Tämä on äärimmäisen helppo toimenpide, sillä sinua avustaa laitteen litteä Led-näyttö.

Parhaan tuloksen saavuttamiseksi lataa laite ja aseta lämpö 210°C. Vaporisaattorin saavuttaessa oikean lämpötilan värisee se hetken aikaa sen merkiksi.

Nyt sinun tarvitsee vain pyöräyttää suukappale esiin ja ottaa hatsit.

Uusilla vaporisaattorin käyttäjille saattaa ensi alkuun ilmetä pientä kutinaa kurkun takaosassa. Itse höyry on kuitenkin puhdasta ja pehmeää. Tämä 14 x 8 x 3 cm mitoilla varustettu vapo ei ole ainoastaan kannettava, vaan myös yllättävän pieni ja näppärä. Painoa laitteella on vain 230 grammaa.


• 1x MIGHTY Vaporisaattori
• 1x 240 Voltin adapteri
• 1x setti tiivisterenkaita
• 3x Vaihtoritilää (noin Ø 15 mm)
• 1x Nestealusta (noin Ø 15 x 5 mm)
• 1x Täyttötyökalu
• 1x Grinderi (noin Ø 55 mm)
• 1x Annostelukapseli
• 1x Harja
• 1x Käyttöohjeet

Vaporisaattori myydään valmistajan 2-vuoden takuulla.

*** Huomaathan, että Mighty Vaporizer on rajattu ulos Royal Queen Seedsin ilmaisten siementen promosta ***

    By S. R. on 26/Aug/2020 :

    Titteli : Perfect for someone who doesn't like to smoke, or just wants to quite
    Comment : Excellent product. The mighty is really something out of this world. It heats up quite fast, it produces a smoke really pleasant and tasty, the capsule is the best invention in this item, since right now I don't have to mess the mighty all up every time I smoke. I don't smoke cigars and every time I smoke weed, I smoke a clean joint and it's a waste of money... Since I bought this vapor, I could enjoy a really pleasant smoke (quite different high then when smoking a normal joint) without wasting so much weed!! This item is pricy, but you will win your money back on the amount of weed you (don't) use every time you light the mighty up. I bought the mighty, over the crafty, since this one allows me to control the temperature without the need of a phone application. The only downside of this website is that they don't have any extras for the mighty (and there are a lot) and so you need to buy them else where. Other than that, perfect, will buy again for sure! Really cool gifts as well (the grinder is perfect for the job, looks like is going to last my whole life!). The seeds went to the ground and are producing really cool buds (they are in vegetative state at the moment).

    By S. P. on 24/Aug/2020 :

    Titteli : This is a game changer
    Comment : Myself and my friend have been talking about getting a decent vaporiser for over a decade. I don't smoke cigarettes but do, or should I say did smoke splifs, so I was wanting to give up tobaco for a long time, this device will allow me to that. I know it's on the more expensive side of portable vaporisers, but I assure you, everything you've read or heard about the Mighty is true. I fill one bowl and it does me for an entire session. I take a drag or two, turn it off for a while, then use again later when the mood takes me. I'm smoking no tobacco and less green but I think I might be even more stoned, I wish I could have gotten one of these years ago. After showing this to two of my mates, they now plan on getting one for themselves, and honestly I can't reccomend it enough, this really will change the way you consume green, and will pay for itself in the money you save because you'll need less green.

    By L. H. on 05/Aug/2020 :

    Titteli : Se puede apreciar el sabor
    Comment : Para mi gusto está perfecto, ya que no fumo y me molesta el sabor a quemado y el dolor de garganta que produce fumar, pero con esto es diferente. Es mucho más suave. Se puede apreciar el sabor de la hierba y no duele la garganta. Además se gasta menos material. El efecto es mucho más suave y relajante.

    By J. R. on 06/Jul/2020 :

    Titteli : Life changing device
    Comment : I smoked hash mixed with tobacco every night for the past 35 years, allways felling very gulty because of the damage i could do to my health. Since the day my mighty arrived, two months ago, i never smoke again, this is perfect, good taste, good smoke, good high, no coff, less danger to the health. Amazing the capsule sistem to refil the device. Expensive but the best oppcion to quit smoking and enjoy all those pleasers.

    By M. M. on 08/Apr/2020 :

    Titteli : Mighty vape
    Comment : Excellent product excellent service from an excellent company, my products arrived within 7days even during Coronavirus... great grinder included plus a pack of seeds, which will be needed now😀

    By F. C. on 02/Mar/2020 :

    Titteli : Semplicemente Perfetto
    Comment : Funziona perfettamente. Forse solo un po' ingombrante da portare in giro, pero' la soddisfazione di di fare una nuvola di vapore che puo essere paragonata benissimo ud una nuvola di fumo e' impagabile.

    By F. L. on 27/Dec/2019 :

    Titteli : Efficace
    Comment : Rapide et discret bon matériel à essayer.

    By M. O. on 05/Dec/2019 :

    Titteli : Vapor in the arctic air
    Comment : Handy, easy to use and the temp adjustment has a wide range and it's very simple. But the device being so massive makes it terribly unwieldy and not-so-portable as one would expect. The package itself has such a nice variety of extra stuff(incl. The grinder and whatnot) that why there isn't a carrying pouch for the vape is not justified imo. Like something to put on your belt or where ever, with a side pocket for the brush, extra screens etc... The Vapor intensity is not as high as I expected, don't let that fool you though, it will work fine! :) batteries run out quite fast, that makes me think it'd be awesome to have them changeable, like in many nicotine vapes. So that when the batteries die, one wouldn't have to order a new 300 gold piece device, instead ordering new batteries for 20+ money's. All in all, it is a quality product, feels sturdy and money is well spent on this. 4/5, mostly cause of the batteries being internal.

    By B. S. on 09/Aug/2019 :

    Titteli : heel tevreden
    Comment : Professioneel materiaal! en zoals steeds bij Royal Queen Seeds, leuke extra's in de doos!

    By A. C. on 25/Jul/2019 :

    Titteli : Perfect
    Comment : Excellent product. Helped quit smoking tobacco!

    By V. E. on 06/May/2019 :

    Titteli : Bon produit
    Comment : Une bonne alternative à la fumée traditionnelle, à essayer

    By M. S. on 24/Apr/2019 :

    Titteli : Ottimo
    Comment : Ottimo prodotto una volta acquistatati tutti gli accessori e trovato il proprio gusto di vaporizzazione. Vapore intenso fresco e dai fantastici sapori.

    By M. M. on 25/Mar/2019 :

    Titteli : amazing vaporizer
    Comment : Works wonders, does everything as expected, fast delivery

    By A. B. on 04/Feb/2019 :

    Titteli : Nice
    Comment : Best vape ever. A must product!

    By S. H. on 28/Jan/2019 :

    Titteli : Highty is really mighty
    Comment : I didn't buy my Mighty vaporizer in RQS shop, but I have it and I have to tell you, this is one great device. Vaping is smooth and easy with a lot of vapour.It can be used while charging. With one charge you can have 5-6 sessions. Clean it regularly and it will last for a long long time. If you can afford it - buy it!

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